About Us

Linice Wood is a professional and reliable manufacturer of high-quality WPC fencing, flooring and decking for export since 2010. With more than a decade of extensive experience, our products have been exported to over 30 countries and areas, earning an excellent reputation in the market.

About Us

Our Story: Bridging the Gap Between Sustainability and Affordability

Sunlight, fresh air, and the simple joy of being outdoors – that’s where my story starts. I’ve always loved making gardens and patios come alive. After finishing college, I thought I’d found the perfect match for my passion by diving into the world of plastic-wood. But there was a catch – the good stuff was way too pricey for most people

Then, in 2010, things took a turn. I met Jack a whiz with all things engineering, and just as mad about plastic-wood as I was. We got chatting and thought, “Why not make our own factory?” We wanted something that was friendly for the earth, great in quality, but without that sky-high price tag. And just like that, in between cups of coffee and countless scribbled notes, Linicewood came to life.


Our Vision: Green Patios for Every Home

Jack and I had a simple goal with Linicewood: give every home the chance to have a beautiful outdoor space. We wanted to make sure families could get their hands on quality stuff that’s also kind to our planet.

Our determination didn’t stop at local borders. Through our consistent efforts, Linicewood has made its mark, being recognized and sought after in over 30 countries and regions around the world. The love and trust from our customers have always been our driving force, pushing us to achieve greater heights.

Today, Linicewood isn’t just a brand; it’s our promise. A promise of good quality, eco-friendly choices for everyone.

So, as you consider elevating your product line or enhancing your portfolio, remember: partnering with Linicewood is more than just a business. You’re aligning with a family who is passionate about bringing the beauty of nature to homes globally. Reach out to us today, and let’s make green, beautiful, dream and affordable living space for families worldwide.

Meet Our Team

Over the years, with our customers’ unwavering support, we’ve blossomed from a duo with a dream to a bustling family spread across a massive 16000sqm manufacturing base. From production, marketing, sales, logistics, and customer service, each member of our Linicewood family pours our heart and dedication into what we do. We couldn’t be prouder of this team, and we genuinely believe this team is second to none.

About Us

Why LiNice Wood WPC?

Extensive Experience

Leveraging over a decade of expertise, we provide top-tier, reliable WPC products, helping us carve out an esteemed reputation in the market.

Eco-Friendly Innovation

Our dedication to environmental sustainability propels us to craft our products using recycled materials, reducing deforestation and conserving the planet's resources.

Customized Solutions

With a focus on innovative design and craftsmanship, we offer tailored WPC solutions to enhance your outdoor space, perfectly aligning with your aesthetic and functional needs.

Our certificates

Our Certificates

BS EN 15534-1:2014+A1:2017

Our Team

Our Exhibitions

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